How Are You Intelligent?

In his book, ‘The Element‘, Ken Robinson points out that asking “How intelligent are you?” is the wrong question. It implies that intelligence is easily defined, and somehow quantifiable.

But a growing range of research – and perhaps our common sense – tells us this is not the case. IQ is one measure of intelligence – yet we are all familiar with the brainiac who struggles in social situations, or the talented artist who is clueless when it comes to their accounts.

Harvard psychologist Howard Gardner offers a Theory of Multiple Intelligences, including spatial [visual], linguistic [verbal], logical [mathematic], kinesthetic [movement], musical, naturalistic, interpersonal [relationships with others], intrapersonal [understanding of self], and existential [big picture].

Different people have different strengths. However we define them, it’s worth asking of ourselves – and others:

How are you intelligent?


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