It’s Messy Out There

Does this drawing feel familiar to anyone else?!

I’ve seen variations of it a few times recently, and believe it says something important.

It’s nice to sit in a room, thinking we can make neat and tidy decisions about things. “If we do A, we’ll get to B.” But as we’ve all experienced – particularly in the last few years – the world around us has other ideas.

The old style of ‘heroic’ leadership – “Follow me! I know exactly what to do!” – simply doesn’t work any more. Instead, we need leaders who can balance boldness with humility, and bravery with vulnerability – both with themselves and in their teams.

This is far from easy … but if we want to try and navigate the complex web of interdependent relationships around us then we need to get comfortable with saying “Maybe” and “It depends” and even “I don’t know.”

Who’s up for the challenge?


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Weekly [digital] email to help navigate the [analogue] world …