Mountbatten Hospice

For Season 3, I have been honoured to speak with some of the extraordinary people involved with the Mountbatten Hospice.

Our conversations cover the many services the Hospice provide - some of which may be a surprise to you - as well as broader topics, including why hospice care is important, and how all of us can get better at those challenging conversations around death, dying and bereavement.

E3 :: Nigel Hartley

Nigel is CEO at the Mountbatten Hospice. He has worked in hospices for 30 years and has consequently sat with thousands of dying people, so is uniquely placed to talk about why hospices are so vital.

E2 :: Jackie Whiller

Jackie is a Consultant Nurse at the Mountbatten Hospice. She talks about the work she does, and how she helps people with the challenging conversations we all need to have around death, dying and bereavement.

E1 :: Matt White

Matt is the Communications Manager at the hospice, and we discuss some of the things you might not know about the services and facilities at Mountbatten.