Angelina and Johnny Grimshaw

After moving to the Isle of Wight (with the wrong black bags!), Angelina and her father Johnny quickly established themselves on the Island’s music scene.

Johnny talks about his time as a poet, songwriter, and his more recent painting exhibitions.

Angelina discusses the importance of collaboration in music, and where she finds her inspiration.

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0:00 Intro

1:08 Background

3:50 Arriving on the Isle of Wight

6:25 Leaving Leicester

8:27 Moving into songwriting

10:26 Angelina’s early influences

13:10 Where Johnny gets his inspiration

15:38 Supporting live music

17:24 Johnny’s current projects
Quay Arts Centre
Brian Hinton
Dimbola Lodge

18:38 The ‘Jack in a Sock’ camera!

21:21 Angelina’s current projects
Studio Humbug
Vagabond Saint
Wonderful Sound
Monks Road Records

25:04 Finding inspiration
Alexej von Jawlensky

27:56 The importance of trust in collaboration

30:40 The passage of time

34:08 Concentration and focus
Dance When You’re Living
JC Grimshaw

39:50 Always be truthful
Bob Dylan
Leonard Cohen
Joni Mitchell

42:04 Things to do on the IOW
Gig Guide
Paul Armfield