Heath Monaghan

Heath moved to the Island fairly recently, and shortly after arriving started the Aspire community centre in Ryde with £1000 of his own money.

He tells the story of how and his team now bring around £1.5million of value to the community, on the way discussing areas where the voluntary sector could take a more professional approach, the difference between leading and managing people, and how people can get involved.

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Heath frequently refers to the myriad of projects Aspire are involved in. Rather than list them all individually, visit their website for details.

0:00 Intro

1:40 Moving to the Isle of Wight

3:25 What he learned as a foster carer

5:45 Turning a church into a community centre

9:25 Were there ever any doubts?

11:43 Key early moments

14:21 The importance of data collection to quantify impact

17:10 The No.1 objective is to have fun!

18:55 The values that underpin Aspire

20:16 How projects start at Aspire

24:25 Matching projects to community needs

27:05 Plans for the future

29:20 What can people contribute?

32:30 Advice for people who want to get involved

36:35 Saying no to opportunities

38:35 Innovation and improvement in the voluntary sector

43:39 The difference between leading and managing people
Happy Foundation
‘The Happy Manifesto’ by Henry Stuart

48:44 The importance of trust, and taking risks

50:30 How to get involved

51:34 Green and Blue Spaces, and why we should talk to each other

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