Ian Boyd

Ian is a naturalist who moved to the Island 24 years ago. He is involved with ARC Consulting, Artecology, Hullaballoo, Shaping The Bay, and numerous other projects.

He talks about the connections between our brain and our gut, the wider lessons we can learn from thinking locally, the importance of our environments, and much more.

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0:00 Intro

1:40 Ian’s background, and moving to the Isle of Wight

2:45 Ian in one word – what it means to be a naturalist

4:05 What is ecology?

5:30 Working with local schools

7:05 What does Ian do?!
ARC Consulting
The Common Space
Shaping The Bay

9:25 What can we do?

13:15 Defining ‘Territory’, and creating ecosystems in your garden

16:25 Influences, and the source of Ian’s passion for the environment

19:55 The role of charities

23:05 The difference between welfare and conservation

26:10 Getting involved
Discovery Bay
British Science Week
National Biology Week

28:20 The IOW as a globally important fossil site
Dinosaur Isle

31:35 The National Poo Museum

35:45 The microbiome, and psychological effect of what we eat

38:20 The connections between our brain and gut, and how our environment impacts them

42:10 Helping people reconnect with their environment
Hampshire and IOW Wildlife Trust
Woodland Therapy

44:05 Ian’s approach to regeneration. Are we adding or extracting content?

50:00 Ian’s biggest frustrations

52:40 Being optimistic about the changes that need to happen
‘Silent Spring’ by Rachel Carson

56:15 Recommended resources
British field guides: Trees, Wildlife, Birds, Wild Flowers, Insects
‘Surely You’re Joking, Mr Feynman!’ by Richard P. Feynman
E.O. Wilson
David Bellamy

1:03:00 What’s next?
World Biosphere Reserves

1:09:50 How can people help?

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