Kevin Wilson

Kevin grew up around Manchester and moved to the Isle of Wight around a decade ago. He worked as a journalist for many years, before moving into creative writing after beating throat cancer.

We discuss the plays he has written since, his creative process, and how he is always looking for a new challenge!


0:00 Intro

0:45 Kevin’s background, and moving to the Isle of Wight.

6:44 Cancer diagnosis, and how that sparked creativity
Apollo Theatre
Shanklin Theatre

14:15 Starting Origins Theatre Company
Aspire Ryde

16:17 Upcoming Origins productions
Ventnor Fringe
The Signalman
Fresh Start
Break the Cycle charity
A Kind of Christmas Carol

18:53 Charles Dickens as an inspiration
The Signalman
A Christmas Carol

20:57 Addressing serious issues using theatre
The Truth Untold
Wilfred Owen

24:44 Kevin’s writing process

31:17 Getting feedback, and building your team

32:35 Good and bad advice for writers

34:49 The self-publishing process

37:55 Kevin’s first novel, Every Reason

39:59 Early influences
John Keats
Arthur C. Clarke

42:32 Becoming a presenter on Vectis Radio
Ian Mac
Isobel Community Cafe

49:18 Running marathons

53:37 What we can learn from travelling and wildlife

57:55 Kevin’s Isle of Wight recommendations
Coastal paths
The Blue Door Cafe

1:01:34 The next challenge?