Paul Armfield

Originally from Birmingham, Paul is a well-respected musician, and has been managing the Quay Arts Centre in Newport for the last two years.

We talk about the role in society of arts centres like the Quay, the quality available on the Isle of Wight, and Paul’s time in Czechoslovakia shortly after the revolution.


0:00 Intro

0:50 Sense of community moving to the IOW from Birmingham

5:25 Early music experiences
Paul Simonen & The Clash
Jean-Jacques Burnel & The Stranglers
The Cure
Bobby I Can Fly

9:11 Wider influences
‘Please Please Me’
Black Sabbath
Elton John & Bernie Taupin

14:27 Social work, university, and moving to Czechoslovakia

17:21 The role of music in Czechoslovakia at that time
The Berlin Wall
John Lennon Wall
Vaclav Havel
Frank Zappa
Education for Democracy Foundation

22:44 Returning to the Isle of Wight
The Spyglass Inn

23:21 Music re-enters the story
Joan Baez
Nick Drake
Bob Marley
‘The Negligents’

31:40 The Quay Arts Centre
Gerald Scarfe & ‘Drawing Blood’ [Collection of his work]

35:43 Challenges of running an arts centre, and its role on the Island
Ventnor Exchange
Eccleston George
Charles Darwin & ‘On the Origin of Species’

40:39 Importance of local resonance, and quality of work available on IOW
Eli West
Richard Long
Louise Giblin

44:22 Fear of ‘The Arts World’

47:04 “You don’t have to like it”
Grayson Perry
IW Council Heritage Service

50:55 Jubilee Stores

53:20 Looking forward
Guy Garvey
Lauren Laverne

55:32 IOW recommendations
Ventnor Fringe