Tim Marshall and Ben Bartram

Tim and Ben were both born on the Island, play bass guitar, and five years ago they started the IW Beer and Buses Weekend, which now features around 100 buses, 90 venues and 13,000 people!

They talk about what it takes to put on an event of this size – which they and their team do entirely voluntarily.

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0:00 Intro

2:18 Where it all began…
IW Bus and Coach Museum

7:55 Growing the event

10:56 Value to the IOW economy

12:08 The team of volunteers

15:30 Benefits to the IW Bus Museum

18:42 Why the bus owners take part

20:10 Why aren’t there tickets?

23:08 Why Tim and Ben do it

25:40 Benefits for CAMRA

26:55 Looking to the future

29:14 The 2019 event – 12 & 13 October
Stay informed

31:13 How can people get involved?

33:55 Memorable moments

35:26 What surprises you about the event?