Culture happens whether you like it or not.
It’s how you and your people think, feel, act [and interact].

Define your culture, rather than it defining you.


1 :: Leadership Coaching for Founders
You started your company because you can do ‘a thing’. You’re good at it – you’ve likely been doing it for years. But running a company means your role has evolved, and you’re smart enough to realise you need help with this new ‘leadership’ thing.
Charged by the hour. No minimum commitment. Pay monthly for what you need.


2 :: Team Dynamics
Your organisation is doing well. But … something isn’t quite right. Perhaps there’s more internal politics than you’d like? Stuff just isn’t getting done? Why? Let’s figure it out, then work on it.

  • PART 1 :: Discovery
    Meeting key members of the team to discuss what’s happening, and why.
    Set fee, dependent on the size of your company. Usually takes 4 weeks.
  • PART 2 :: Diplomacy
    Implement the changes highlighted in the Discovery phase by developing relevant skills in the team.
    Fees and timings are based on outcomes of the Discovery phase.


3 :: Events
Collaborating with other professionals, I organise a variety of events from short workshops to intensive leadership development retreats. At each event, cohorts of like-minded people gather to take a breath, and upgrade their leadership skills.

I run these throughout the year for individuals and small teams to join, or can create a custom event for larger teams. Get in touch for details.

It begins with a conversation between two people – you, and me. Let’s talk.

Not quite ready for that? More about me, some general advice, and maybe check out my Manifesto.

Weekly [digital] email to help navigate the [analogue] world …

Weekly [digital] email to help navigate the [analogue] world …