I Don’t Know

Is the most sensible answer to all the big questions, “I don’t know”?

We’re still dealing with the fallout from Covid-19. Will there be a vaccine? How long will it take? How effective will it be? The scientists working on it are doing their best – but no-one can give definitive answers.

And if Covid-19 ‘goes away’, how long before the next pandemic?

What about Brexit?

Climate change?

I don’t know.

These are all really big, scary questions, and the only thing they have in common is the uncertainty that surrounds them.

It’s easy to get stuck in that uncertainty, in waiting for ‘the new normal’. But as Seth Godin points out, “there’s simply the normal of now” – our idea of ‘normal’ is constantly changing. (It always has).

Covid-19. Brexit. Climate change.

(And the rest).

What can we do about them?

Accept the challenges. They aren’t going away. No point burying our heads in the sand.

Embrace the uncertainty. Get used to saying “I don’t know.”

Learn to adapt. The old, familiar world isn’t coming back. What do we need to learn? What do we need to do differently?

How will it all turn out?

I don’t know.

And that’s OK.


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Weekly [digital] email to help navigate the [analogue] world …