What to DO on Earth Day

We know it matters – our human activities are causing problems on this one planet we’ve got.

But climate change can seem so … BIG. It’s hard to know what to do – where to start. The challenge is systemic – lots of complicated moving pieces, connected in a myriad of complex ways. Where to begin?

Here are a few suggestions, loosely based on John Elkington’s Triple Bottom Line:

The Good On You app will help you make better decisions about the clothes you buy. [As a start – buy less].
Lend With Care provide microfinance loans to entrepreneurs in developing countries. [Your ‘donation’ gets paid back, and you can then lend to another start-up. Starts at £15].

Keep your phone for as long as you can. [Even Apple will replace your battery these days – and it’s much cheaper than you’d expect].
Join 1% for the Planet. This is a bigger commitment, but worth considering, either as an individual or a business.

What does your pension fund invest in? Make My Money Matter has some information and advice. [This might be the single biggest thing you can do].
Acumen are changing the way the world tackles poverty. [They also run great online courses].

We can change what we do, and how we do it.

But for things to be different, we have to do different things.


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Weekly [digital] email to help navigate the [analogue] world …