The Golden Rule [and invoicing]

I’ve changed the payment terms on my invoices. They now say:
“Please pay this invoice in the way you like to be paid.”

It has no legal standing. Instead, it is based entirely on trust.

The more time I spend working in leadership, the more clear it becomes that trust is the foundation that all relationships are built on. And leadership centres around relationships.

This is hardly groundbreaking stuff. It’s not new [is anything?]. We already know the importance of trust … and yet … we still find it hard to do. It takes courage to trust someone, because we are opening ourselves to the possibility of being let down – of getting hurt. We are making ourselves vulnerable.

The new wording on my invoices makes me vulnerable. It gives me no way to chase unpaid invoices – other than to look into the eyes of my clients, and ask:

Do we trust each other?



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Weekly [digital] email to help navigate the [analogue] world …