Boundaries and Horizons

Boundaries have come up in a lot of my conversations recently.

They need to be defined and understood – both by ourselves and the people around us, whether that’s at work or at home or at play. Clear communication is crucial. [As usual].

Some boundaries will be ‘hard red lines’, rarely crossed [“I don’t work weekends”] – while others will be more flexible [“On Fridays, I aim to finish work at 1pm”]. Either way, boundaries are about the limits we set for ourselves and around ourselves.

But – we are human beings. We need to focus on more than just our limits.

We need to balance boundaries with horizons.

If boundaries are fixed, then horizons are limitless.

We may never reach our horizons because as we move forwards, our view inevitably changes – but they are the broad, beautiful visions that inspire us to keep going …

Have you defined [and communicated] both your boundaries and your horizons?



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Weekly [digital] email to help navigate the [analogue] world …