None of us will be right all the time. That’s not possible. With all the decisions we have to make, day after day [after day], it’s inevitable that some of them will be … sub-optimal.

[And some of them will be downright disastrous … like the time I tied a t-shirt round the handlebars of my bike and it got caught in the front wheel, catapulting me onto the road, where I bounced off my head. Thankfully, it had been preceded by a good decision – to wear a helmet.]


How often do we need to be right?

51% of the time will do it.

More than 51%? Amazing! But if we can make good decisions 51% of the time, in the end we’ll get there.

Sometimes it will feel like every decision we make is the wrong one. We can definitely go on a bad streak. [Not fun].

But as long as we keep developing ourselves, learning from both our successes and failures – focusing on the process, not the outcome – then over time, our good decisions compound.

51% is all it takes.


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Weekly [digital] email to help navigate the [analogue] world …