Ideas and Implementation

“I’ve had this idea in my head for a while now…”

How do we know whether it’s a good idea or not?

With hindsight, it’s easy [of course]. But it’s very hard to tell in advance whether our idea is genius or disaster.

However, when we implement something, we often get our answer very quickly.

Hundreds of school parties visit the Isle of Wight between April-July each year. For years, I’d had an idea for a ‘beach activity’ session for them. It would be an introduction to various beach sports, have a treasure hunt and sand sculpture competition. I thought it was a great idea, so I built a website, made a promo video, and contacted the booking agents. Back in 2018, I implemented it.

I got one booking.

It wasn’t a good idea after all.

But that’s great: now I know it wasn’t a good idea, I’ve stopped thinking about it. I’ve moved on to other things.

Ideas are great – that’s where it starts. And we need to spend time thinking about our ideas – evolving and refining them … but in the end, we also need to get on with it …

We need to implement our ideas.



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Weekly [digital] email to help navigate the [analogue] world …