Winning Olympic Gold in Business

In the last few years, it’s become cool to be an ‘entrepreneur’.

There’s a risk that we glorify the life of an entrepreneur, based on a small number of individuals with high public profiles. What we see looks fun and glamorous – and kinda easy.

The reality is that running your own business involves hard work. Lots of it. It will rarely be glitzy or exciting, and there are way less parties than you might expect. Most of the time, it’s a f@ckin’ grind of dealing with the next thing and the next thing and the next thing … [and the next thing].

It’s not for everyone.

And neither is running. [Bear with me!]

Can anyone be a runner? Yes, of course – if they do the work. Anyone who pulls on their trainers and hits the road will get better at running. But can everyone get to the level of Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce or Mo Farah? No, of course not – and we would think it ludicrous to suggest otherwise.

However, it would be equally ridiculous to say “if you can’t win Olympic gold, there’s no point in running at all.” Plenty of people get immense satisfaction from quietly completing the odd 5 or 10k.

Anyone who wants to start their own business should absolutely go for it – and absolutely take advice and inspiration where they find it [even if that is from a Kardashian!] … but it’s important to realise that almost nobody wins the equivalent of the Olympic Gold in business.

And that’s OK.



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